Green Credentials

We are fortunate to live and work in a beautiful part of the UK, and it reminds us that the environment needs to be protected so future generations can enjoy it as we have. For this reason, we are passionate about sustainability and reducing our carbon footprint. 

We make a monthly donation to the Hedgerow Trust, which is an organisation that arranges small conservation projects in schools and local areas. They help children to learn about wildlife and the environment whilst making a real difference to the state of England’s hedgerows.

We recycle all of your old doors and windows - they are used to keep us warm throughout the winter months and sometimes the summer too!

All windows are draught stripped for extra insulation plus, using Slim-Lite or double glazed units will keep heat loss at an all time low. Our doors can be manufactured using insulated panels hidden discreetly within the construction of the door.

All our sawdust etc. goes to an animal sanctuary to be used for bedding. We have even supplied a university teacher with oak shavings to grow mushrooms with his class...nothing goes to waste!