Slimlite Windows

Because our determination to reduce our carbon footprint, we naturally wanted the glass we use to be a promotion of the same values. We have worked with Slimlite for a number of years and are proud to be approved installers in the north of England, because we believe that it’s the best glass technology currently available. Hugely energy efficient, Slimlite will have a drastic effect on your energy consumption (and therefore reduce your heating bills!). Slimlite is special because, put simply, it looks like single glazing. It can be fitted into timber frames for period buildings without detracting from the beauty of the property. At only 10-12mm thick, Slimlite can be used anywhere without the need for clunky, unsightly plastic framing. Slimlite has been featured on Grand Designs and presenter Kevin McCloud has since written about how impressed he was with it. If you’re interested in further details about Slimlite Double Glazing, please contact us – we’d love to tell you more!